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      Elmo Introduces EtherCAT Servo Stepper Drive
Gold DC Bell
Gold Bell

The Gold Bell joins Elmo’s Gold line of servo drives with the advanced capabilities to run
a Stepper Motor with similar performance to a servo system. The technology behind
the Gold line of servo drives turns any stepper motor powered by the Gold Bell into a
high- performance servo application. The precise vector control, fast and wide current loop bandwidth, proprietary phase advancing algorithm, proprietary cogging compensation mechanism, and high electrical-commutation frequency results in a real “servo like” solution.

Due to the stepper motor's high number of poles, the Gold Bell is able to create a very smooth and precise low speed – high torque performance that can compete with many Direct Drive applications. As with all Gold servo drives, the Gold Bells are network compliant, EtherCAT and CANopen products; are fully programmable; feature compliant, built-in safety; a fully featured motion controller; and local intelligence.  

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  Design Your Own Motion Control System

Elmo’s Board Level Module (BLM) includes the Gold Maestro multi-axis controller and a wide range of servo drives: the Gold Whistle (up to 20A and up to 200VDC), the Gold Guitar (up to 50A and up to 200VDC), and the Gold Trombone (up to 22A and up to 800VDC).

Adopting this 'integration' approach has many advantages such as high-level, yet easy system customization; tremendous design flexibility; huge space saving; enhanced performance; and most of all, it cuts costs. In order to ease the usage of this approach, Elmo shares its vast experience in integration with its customers.

Elmo has released an on-line Integration Design Guide for the Gold Whistle that explains just how simple it is to achieve integration. The Gold Whistle is a full standalone servo drive that contains all the functionalities and features that are required to operate a servo system. The additional circuitry is negligible and involves mainly inter-and outgoing connections.

Elmo’s BLM allows the user the flexibility to integrate our products with their own PCBs according to their exact requirements. The Design Guide includes a detailed description of the various interfaces such as Communication, Digital Input & Output, STO, as well as rules for the PCB layout, temperature management and mechanical considerations.

Exlpore our new Gold Whistle Integration Design Guide here.

bullet Solution Spotlight

Elmo's Diamond Laser Cutting Solution

Elmo provides a comprehensive motion control solution for the design and operation of diamond laser cutting systems. When it comes to the motion control technology behind diamond cutting, bruting and shaping machines, there is minimal room for error. Therefore, Elmo's solution ensures superior performance, high accuracy and throughput, and coordinated motion so as to cause minimal weight loss to the rough diamond.

Solution highlights

  • High-power-high-density Gold servo drives
  • Controlled PWM Outputs along the laser's cutting path
  • Gold Maestro (GMAS) distributed network controller for smooth trajectory planning with 5th Order Polynomial Calculations
  • 2D, 3D Error Correction Support
  • Elmo Application Studio (EAS) design software

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bullet Product spotlight

  Most Compact EtherCAT Servo Drives - Up to 4.1kW


Gold Cello


The Gold Cello is a panel-mount, high-power-high-density, bookshelf servo drive that delivers up to 50A/100V and up to 25A/200V (up to 4.1 kW of continuous power or 8.2 kW of peak power). The Gold Cello also provides top servo performance and more features including:

  • Core motion control technology of the gold line of servo drives
  • Highly efficient, high bandwidth performance
  • Multiple communication options: EtherCAT, CANopen, USB, Ethernet
  • Supports a wide variety of feedback sensors
  • Advanced filtering options for enhanced dynamic performance
  • “On-the-fly” automatic gain scheduling
  • Vector control sinusoidal commutation

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  Smart, Compact Power Supply for Elmo Servo Drives


Elmo's state-of-the-art, thermally protected Tambourine-100 power supply accepts a 3-phase voltage source of up to 3x480VAC. The Tambourine-100 brings users rich features such as a 3-phase rectifier that incorporates a shunt-regulator, an integrated fan with a thermal "on/off" trigger, and total current-output capability of 100A.

Along with the Tambourine-20, which rectifies AC input voltage of up to 3 x 528VAC, Elmo provides servo power supplies solutions that are cost-efficient and meet the highest safety standards.

Explore more features of the Tambourine-100.


  Elmo Mini Etude Demo & Training Suitcase


This small and portable suitcase has the great ability to train and demonstrate a full EtherCAT network motion solution. It contains Elmo's advanced Gold Maestro multi-axis, network controller, 3 Gold EtherCAT servo drives, 3 servo motors, and IO switches. Simply plug in the AC input (90VAC- 250VAC), connect a PC and the Mini Etude is ready to perform any motion scenario. If 3 axes are not enough, the user can easily connect the network to additional suitcases. Weighing only 6kg and measuring 170 X 200 X 276mm, the case is always ready to go.

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bullet Feature Article

  Elmo ―1 of 6 EtherCAT Certified Companies


In 2010 Elmo introduced its state-of-the-art Gold line of servo drives. This wasn't just a natural evolution of its SimplIQ technology, but recognition of the growing importance of the EtherCAT communication protocol. Creating products that could operate in the EtherCAT networks would allow customers to minimize risks during application development and increase productivity. Only two years later, the Gold servo drives passed the rigorous EtherCAT Conformance Tests, making Elmo one of only six companies to do so.

The importance of EtherCAT compliance is not only that it is fast becoming the leading industry standard, but that it provides product engineers with huge advantages like interoperability. The strength of EtherCAT synchronization techniques allows it to be compatible with both low- and high-demanding applications and when combined with the correct implementation of the network protocol and a proper device profile, true distributed motion control can be achieved. Elmo believes that compliance is mandatory to guarantee reliable operation of any industrial equipment. For these reasons, Elmo continues to invest significant resources into complying with industry protocols like EtherCAT, as well as standards such as Safety and EMC.

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bullet Meet the Team
      Elmo Israel Applications Team
Elmo's Israel applications team. Standing from left: Oren Davidov, Rami Simany and Dotan Yaacov. Seated from left: Mikhael Prilutsky and Hanoch Cassif.
A core policy at Elmo is providing excellent customer service. Choosing Elmo products and solutions comes not only with a guarantee of quality, but one of continued and consistent technical support. Therefore, the company has a dedicated applications team that advises, trouble-shoots, and solves problems in the field. Elmo ensures that a customer's system continues to function at peak performance by providing full pre-and-post sale training and full support in the initial set-up and installation phase. The team, headed by Rami Simany, comprises multi-disciplinary experts in electronics, mechanics, programming, control theory, protocols and more.

Elmo has an applications team in Korea, China, Israel and the U.S. Each team has multi-disciplinary experts in several fields including electronics, mechanics, programming, control theory, and protocols.

To contact the applications engineers, please email us.