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Motion Control Solution

One solution, any application

Elmo’s products and solutions have the capabilities to meet any machine motion control challenge:

  • From complex multi-axis motion control to extremely demanding servo mechanisms
  • With advanced performance, high precision and accuracy
  • With the fastest response and speed
  • Yielding superior results


Motion control solution for industrial applications

Motion control solution for industrial applications

One Motion Control Solution

We are meeting ANY need:

  • Any Motion: Single and multi-axis control for any range and accuracy level of motion, centrally controlled.
  • Any Servo: One development environment and one control application for servos of all sizes, motions, and power capabilities.
  • Any Power: From 10- 65,000 watts, highly stable and consistent power.
  • Any Current: From 1A to 600A.
  • Any Voltage: AC, DC and direct-to-mains.
  • Any Feedback: Support for any industry feedback from any machine manufacturer.
  • Any Motor: AC Servo, Linear, Direct Drive, Gantry, Planar, Stepper,..
  • Any Environment: Support any environment from -55°C to 100°C, from 0 to 18GRMS, from -400 meter to 12,000 meter.
  • Any Space: Ultra Miniature, Ultra Rugged, Ultra Efficiency.