Motion Control - ElmoMC

    Industry Leadership

    Elmo excels in the hi-tech niche of designing one-stop solutions in motion control technology.

    We are confident that with over 20 years of experience, Elmo comprises the highest density of power and intelligence. Besides a wealth of accumulated knowledge, we have on board a senior and talented team of engineering and R&D experts.

    The company focuses on reliability, durability and safety; full compliancy with all industry standards; and a long-term commitment to clients' profitability and success.

    We are confident that we will continue to be leaders in the field, because we can predict and meet escalating demands for proficiency and expertise, we are unfaltering in our values, and we are in the business of making things move!

    We specialize in providing:

    • Ready-to-use, complete, and generic motion control solutions
    • Fast and efficient development processes
    • High-quality, fast, stable throughput
    • One solution, any application

    Industry Leadership