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Easy Inductance Calculation

Minimum inductance calculation (VIO/PIC/FLU)

The Advance Unipolar amplifiers incorporate a current loop gain selection feature (CGC).
This feature is required for the optimization of the current loop gain. When the load impedance is too low or the DC bus is too high, current loop instability may occur. This is when the user has to switch from the default CGC=high to CGC=low.
The following form allows you to enter amplifier's type and operating voltage. Once you enter this information, click the Calculate button. Two inductance values will be calculated for you. The first one is the minimum inductance for CGC=high. The second value is for CGC=low.
You may want to refer to the application note AUP_step for a detailed explanation about amplifier response in different system conditions.

Type of Amplifier:
Operating voltage: [V]
Minimum inductance for high gain: [mH]
Minimum inductance for low gain: [mH]