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    Space Shuttle Camera

    PIC amplifiers on the space shuttle

    Imax Corporation, in association with Lockheed Martin and NASA, embarked on a program to develop new IMAX 3D cameras to fly in space.
    This program, started at the beginning of 1997, has resulted in new space rated cameras equipped with PIC-25/50 servo amplifiers. The cameras were being launched during the course of 1999.

    The unique features of the PIC amplifier made it the amplifier of choice:

    • Size
    • Power/weight ratio
    • Space rated in almost a standard package
    IMAX 3D cameras

    One of the 3D cameras is designed to be mounted in an environmental container in the cargo bay of the space shuttle and remotely controlled from the crew cabin. The other is used by astronauts inside the Space Shuttle and International Space Station.