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Application Notes

The following section aims to provide you with the information you need to choose the most appropriate servo drives, products, power supplies and controls for your specific motion control requirements. The notes cover configuration, implementation, parameters, requirements, examples and much more.


Application Notes
Digital Servo Drives - Gold
PWM Motion Command
Pulse and Direction Command Reference


Application Notes
Digital Servo Drives - SimplIQ
Gold Drum HV Thermal Management
Homing in SimplIQ Servo Drives
Pulse and Direction for the Position and Velocity Commands
Open Collector Outputs
Open Collector Inputs
Connectors Guide for Harmonica, Bassoon and Solo Products
Maestro, Multi-Axis Controller-Placing an Encoder on a CANOpen Network
Analog input offset and gain adjustment
Soldering and Cleaning PCB-Mounted Products
EMC Filtering of the BASSOON Servo Drive - A.N. #5003
Current Mode - A.N. #5001


Application Notes
Power Supplies
Choosing Power Supply Wires for the Whistle, Bell & Guitar


Application Notes
Using a Shunt Resistor to Dissipate Energy
Electromagnetic Compatibility(EMC)
Interfacing with a PWM & Direction reference