Motion Control - ElmoMC

Motion Control Solutions for any Unmanned Application

Unmanned vehicles industry has made significant improvement throughout the years. ElmoMC provides cutting edge motion control solutions for variety of unmanned vehicles that used for a wide range of operations. Our digital drives supplies extremely high power in compact package, what makes them naturally fit for job. ElmoMC engineering team is experienced with industrial and harsh environment application for unmanned vehicles, and can lead your way to implement a distributed motion network.

See Elmo's solutions for unmanned applications.

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  • Extremely high power from ultra-small, ultra-light servo drives
  • Utmost efficiency
  • Output power from 10 W – 65,000 W
  • Operating voltage from 10 VDC – 800 VDC
  • Up to 200 A continuous power, 400 A peak power
  • Compliance with most severe Environmental, EMC, SAFETY and Power supply STDs