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Elmo customer support network goes live

NetHelp gives customers access to a comprehensive compendium of Elmo knowledge

Tel Aviv, Israel, October 11, 2012 – Elmo, leaders in the motion control industry for over 25 years, has launched the NetHelp ─ an online, user-friendly source of information on Elmo's hardware and software solutions to support customers.

NetHelp comprises 13,000 pages of information, to place at the customers' fingertips all the data and information they would require, or to troubleshoot a situation. The information base, which is easily accessible, easy to navigate, and equipped with a powerful search tool, contains everything from application notes to user guides, case studies, presentations, software configuration manuals, and more.

There are two password levels for the NetHelp, Standard and Advanced. The Advanced users’ version offers high-level commands and programming facilities aimed to support engineers in their system development process.
Advanced users will be required to send a special e-mail request to obtain the Advanced authorization.

According to Gershon Levy, Elmo’s technical communications expert and head of the NetHelp project, "the NetHelp aims to give engineers easy access to Elmo’s database knowledge and information, vital for them to install, and program Elmo’s range of products. In addition, it offers specialized technical and marketing tools from which engineers can learn about all aspects of Elmo’s products."

Register to NetHelp, receive a password, and start searching, reading, and learning!