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Evaluation Boards

Whistle, Bell & Guitar Evaluation Board

The combined Evaluation Board has the following advantages:

1. It can evaluate three different types of drives:

2. D-type for logic, RJ for communication and Phoenix connectors for power can be easily connected to the Evaluation Board.

3. The Evaluation Board has the following additional features:

  • Main buffered output.
  • Differential ports for auxiliary feedback input/output.
  • Powerful digital outputs (Iout ≤ 250 mA).
  • Flexibility for digital inputs (from 5 V ≤ Vin ≤ 24 V).
  • Powerful output for the brake (Iout ≤ 500 mA - separate output via a Phoenix connector).
  • Support for CAN Communication in daisy chain mode.
  • Visual indication for all the digital outputs and the brake.
  • Intelligent power supply coupling.

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Ocarina Evaluation Board

The Ocarina Evaluation Board was designed to help when evaluating the Ocarina Analog Servo Drive. It comes with standard terminal blocks for power connections and D-sub plugs/sockets for signals connections. It also comes with a complete set of cables for connecting to the board.

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Ocarina Servo Drive Evaluation Board