Motion Control - ElmoMC

Gold Lion

Motion Controllers for Harsh Environment

-40°C to+70°C, Vibrations up to 14GRMS

Design Your Own Extreme Motion Control Solution

Elmo’s Gold LION series is an advanced network based, multi-axis machine motion controller designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions.
The Gold LION can control any multi axis scenario. From simple Point-To-Point to complete multi-axis coordinated / synchronized motion.

The GOLD LION series comes in 2 forms: Rugged, Stand Alone, Ready To Use metal package and “Board Level Module” Module that is  a complete Motion Controller that is “Ready To Use” to be embedded in user’s printed board, thus resulting high-level of customization, most advance motion solution with tremendous design flexibility, richness with functionalities and  huge space saving.

For more in-depth details, see the Gold Maestro capabilities sections.


The Ultimate Network Motion Controller:

  • Delta Robot and Kinematics Support
  • Motion blending and superimposed motion
  • Coordinated group motion, blending and transitions
  • Polynomial motion segments, PVT and Spline support
  • Real-time updates of target positions (‘flying vision™’)
  • 1D, 2D and 3D error correction
  • EtherCAT master for distributed networking, with distributed clock management
  • CANopen master for distributed networking
  • Host communications and protocols:
  • Ethernet, TCP/IP, UDP (Fast Binary Protocols, Modbus, Ethernet/ IP)
  • USB 2.0
  • Rich, high-level, multi-axis programming environment:
    • Microsoft .NET
    • IEC 61131-3, PLCopen
    • Native C/C++ programming using the PLCopen for Motion
    • Win32 C/C++
    • Network statistics for diagnostics
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