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Dive into Deep Water

From servicing deep sea oil rigs to performing important marine life research, ROV’s (Remotely Operated Vehicle) are becoming increasingly important. The underwater, unmanned vehicles often include robotic manipulators, sensors, and cameras that, together, allowing them to interact with their environment for tasks such as opening and closing valves, cutting, cleaning, clearing, screwing, and welding. ROVs can undertake many tasks that are difficult or dangerous for humans to carry out, such as taking samples or monitoring and repairing underwater equipment – often several kilometers below sea level, under extreme pressures and temperatures.

Elmo’s motion solutions were successfully implemented with a European-based remotely operated vehicle (ROV) manufacturer, determined to go all-electric with its fleet of ROV models. Beyond their physical advantage, Elmo servo drives address the need for high-speed underwater thrusting with ultra-high voltage drives, thruster start-up against water currents with advanced servo algorithms, and mandatory robustness for deep water pressures and shocks.

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Converting CNC Machines into Advanced 3D Printers

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Driving robots on Mars

Our servo drives power all 10 axes of NASA’s RASSOR robot providing the power, size, and weight required for the mobility on Mars

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The tech behind carpets tufting

Elmo’s Motion Controllers perfectly synchronize the motion of hundreds of motors needed for carpet tufting

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Turning Humans into Robots

Elmo’s drives are used for the reliable motion of Exoskeletons’ devices, designed to assist people during rehabilitation

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