Fast Settling Servo Drives Speed Wafer Testing

With high power density, onboard intelligence, and built-in connectivity, Elmo drives equip robotic camera dolly to shoot extreme live-action footage.
Computer-generated imagery (CGI) can create extraordinary scenes but for edge-of-the-seat blockbusters, there’s no substitute for live-action shooting. Live filming enables directors to change camera angles, explore alternative approaches with their actors, and even swap out dialogue. The problem is that human-operated dollies simply can’t deliver the explosive speed and acceleration demanded by cutting-edge action films. That’s why Mega Trax developed the MX 500 semi-autonomous, high-speed robotic dolly system. With the help of compact, high-power servo drives from Elmo Motion Control, the MX 500 can accelerate cameras to speeds of better than 90 mph in a matter of seconds. The best part is that the drives enable the MX 500 to execute these moves repeatably, reliably, and in the most rugged conditions imaginable.

Bomb Disposal Robot

The teleMAX bomb disposal robot has been specially adapted for operations that have to be carried out in narrow spaces, such as on aircraft, underground trains or buses. Anywhere where the larger model, tEODor, cannot operate, teleMAX ensures that the vital distance is maintained between the bomb disposal engineer and the bomb. Elmo’s Whistle and Tweeter servo drives Controllers are a very practical choice, as then can be mounted within the joints of the robotic arm.

Cardiac Imaging Scanner

The Cardiac Imaging System employs nuclear imaging techniques and innovative technologies to provide very high throughput and improve image resolution. It can complete a Gated SPECT study in only 2 minutes, which is a significant improvement over current technologies that require 12-20 minutes. This breakthrough in speed and image quality is due to the manufacturer’s advanced technology 

High Mobility Robot

Whistle 20/100 Integrated Solution for a High Powered Mobile Robot

The Whistle is the only digital servo drive on the market that can handle both the extreme power requirements and the tight spaces of the high-performance Chaos robot. It allowed us to take full advantage of the design, giving Chaos a carrying capacity of well over 45 kg (100 lbs) and a top speed that rivals any robot in its class, a significant improvement over the previous implementation. Product support was also excellent, with responses from Elmo’s engineers taking hours instead of days.
Bret Turpin, Project Manager, Autonomous Solutions

Fast & Easy implementation of “Bottling Machine“

Fast & Easy implementation of “Bottling Machine“
Elmo’s smart design tools, advanced motion control, perfectly tuned servo axes, and efficient EtherCAT networking allow rapid design of High speed, High precision, Labeling and Cupping machines.Elmo provides new leading industrial quality performance for labeling and cupping machines with line speeds of over 60K labels per hour. Operating in machines at extremely high speeds and achieving high precision labeling with very little errors place Elmo as a major solution provider in the field of high-end labeling and cupping machines. The challenges involving operating more than 60 integrated motor/drives as a solution on an extremely fast rotating platform, transferring high-power, and high-speed EtherCAT communication via slip rings, is implemented rapidly and efficiently only with Elmo’s smart solutions and advanced tools.