Whether you are developing a new machine or you are an OEM manufacturer of a limited number of machines, or a veteran Elmo user, we at Elmo can help you quickly accelerate your plans into motion. We have put together a representative group of products to always be in stock items ships within a week.

With super quick deliver times to meet your immediate requirements, Elmo will enable you to:

  • Shorten your time-to-market
  • Speed up your development cycle
  • Rapidly test a new machine design or production lines
  • Stock on spare parts

Just plug and play to be on your way

  • Easy to integrate and simple to operate
  • Fast deliver times to meet your immediate requirements
  • Small quantities available for multiple production lines

Gold Drum

High Current Servo Drive
50-150A/100VDC ,35-60A/200VDC,

Gold Oboe

AC Super compact Servo Drive
3-13A/230VAC, 3-10A/480VAC
*1 or 3 phase AC


The Tambourine (TAM-20) is Elmo’s compact, direct-to-mains power supply, designed for multiple servo drives.