Elmo’s servo technology enables high functionality of unmanned vehicles and defense systems designed to operate in harsh environments.

For the manufacturers of military and EEC (extreme environmental conditions) applications, Elmo provides a solution which meets the demands of battlefield applications and is ready for the extreme. ExtrIQ product line is the result of combining Elmo’s world class servo performance, high efficiency and ultra-small size and weight with the ability to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Field proven for over 15 years, ExtrIQ products are driving applications day and night on the ground, in the air, and underwater. The drives meet MIL-Spec standards, as they can withstand mechanical shocks of up to 75G, vibrations of 20Hz-2000Hz (14.6 Grms) and a temperature range of -40°C to 70°C.

Rugged Design

Elmo’s servo drives are ruggedized to handle extreme temperature (-40 to 70°C), high pressures, severe vibration, heavy shock loads, and contamination, being able to operate under conditions of high humidity, wind and precipitation, and corrosive salt air.

Compact and Light

Extreme power density, delivering the needed torque while minimizing weight and space claim.

Precise and Accurate Motion

Capable of delivering utmost precision, repeatability and speed control while operating under extreme conditions.

High Current

Ultra-high current/low voltage servo drives generate up to 650A of continuous current, allowing to respond to feedback from high-resolution encoders.

Feedback Sensors Support

The drives support a wide range of feedback devices, from digital to analog, incremental to absolute, and so would be able to work with any encoder type the design team might adopt in the future.

Excellent Connectivity

The drives support EtherCAT or CANopen (CAN or RS232; optional RS422) fieldbus networking for high-speed, deterministic communications between the drive and the controller.

Costs Reduction

Compact drives enable the replacement of large, heavy and complicated mechanical control assemblies with electrometrical technology, achieving outstanding motion control in harsh environment conditions while dramatically reducing costs.

Recommended Elmo Products for Harsh Environment

While all of Elmo’s ExtrIQ drives can handle the rigors of extreme environments applications, the Hornet is the most popular choice for this industry for its power and footprint.

Case Studies

Radio controlled Robot

Elmo’s Hornet drives are intelligent, high power and compact drives. This case study shows how Roboterwerk GmbH, a manufacturer of rugged, outdoor, unmanned vehicles, found a perfect motion control solution using the Hornet servo drives.

Robotic Vehicle

This case study shows how one of our customers, a leading defense systems company, used the Hornet servo drive for a portable, lightweight

Surveillance Robot

Elmo’s Hornet digital servo drives are very compact, with high power density and on-board intelligence.

Wind Turbine

Wind turbines are rotating machines that convert the wind’s kinetic energy into mechanical energy which in turn is converted into electricity.

High Performance Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs) Keeping Soldiers Safe

Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs) are multi-functional, mission-critical systems. Elmo’s servo drives and multi-axis controller help them do their job.

High-speed, Omni-directional Unmanned Vehicle powered by Elmo

Unmanned vehicles have made quite an evolution throughout the years. Today, unmanned vehicles are tasked to maneuver through harsher terrains and environments.

Powering Sophisticated Surveillance Antennas by Elmo

To upgrade aerial and ground-based surveillance and reconnaissance antennas, a manufacturer needed a compact, reliable motion control solution suited to extreme environments.

A Perfect Fit for a Bomb Disposal Robot by Elmo

A bomb disposal robot adapted for narrow spaces, such as in trains and buses, uses small, lightweight servo drives with built-in intelligence.

Elmo Rugged Drives Guide Space Missions

Space rockets’ motion challenges solved while dramatically reducing costs with off the shelf products.

Driving NASA’s Deep Space Exploration Robots on Mars

Our servo drives power all 10 axes of NASA’s RASSOR robot providing the power, size, and weight required for the mobility on Mars