Elmo’s servo technology empowers the automated vehicles and automated warehouse solutions with the ability to face the challenges of scalability and flexibility.

With proven industry-leading power density, high efficiency, and unparalleled motion performance, global manufactures are turning to Elmo to achieve a compact, intelligent, and smooth operating solutions for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles (ROVs) and Smart Warehouses.

In AGV electronics powered by Elmo drives, the autonomous robotic platform is capable of high speeds while providing precise, accurate steering. Elmo offers powerful servo drives for AGV solutions which utilize a built-in phase advance algorithm to surpass RPM ratings, with negligible impact on motor efficiency.

For ROV solutions, beyond the physical advantage, Elmo addresses the need for high-speed underwater thrusting with ultra-high voltage drives, thrusters’ start-up against water currents with advanced servo algorithms, and mandatory robustness for deep-water pressures and shocks.

In automated smart warehouse solutions, the drives are a perfect fit for low profile, compact robots, which must be able to lift heavy loads and have the longest possible lifetime per charge, while achieving maximal maneuverability and motion paths in any direction.

Compact and Light

The limited space available for the components in a vehicle requires small but powerful servo drives. Extreme power density is crucial for overall footprint and weight reduction.

High Current Operation

Elmo’s servo drives supply high current for periods as long as several minutes, with high level precision and smooth, jitter-free motion when carrying sensitive heavy loads, with maximized system performance and no tracking errors.

Rugged Design

Elmo’s servo drives are ruggedized to handle extreme temperature (-40 to 70°C), high pressures, shocks and vibrations. In extensive testing, the Elmo drives survived prolonged exposure to track conditions without any issues.

Efficient Operation

Over 99% efficiency of Elmo’s servo drives enables the target vehicle to be operated for all day on a single charge. Elmo’s proprietary “FASST Power Conversion” technology results in the lowest heat dissipation, which in addition to prolonging battery operating time and extending battery life, reduces the “environmental pollution” (Heat and EMI) to negligible levels.

Boosting Motor Speeds

Elmo drives apply a technique known as phase advance to enable motors to safely operate at speeds several times faster than rated.

High Speed, Power Thrusting

Elmo’s wide range of drives can provide the vehicles with ultra-high currents and voltages to accommodate any speed or acceleration of thrusters. Elmo is the ideal partner for the all-electric ROV solutions, whether to precisely control the manipulators, or smoothly rotate thrusters.

Thruster Start-Up against Water Currents

Advanced servo algorithms such as Hot Plugging allow ROV thrusters to begin rotating regardless of any existing thruster motion due to water current.

Recommended Products

While all of Elmo’s drives can handle the rigors of AGV or Smart Warehouse applications, the Gold Drum, the Gold Whistle and the Gold Guitar are amongst the most popular choices for this industry for their power and footprint, while for ROV applications, the Gold DRUM is the most common choice.

Gold Mandolin

Very Small High voltage Servo Drive
Miniature Servo Drive for High Voltage

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