FREE Online Motion Control Experience


Experience the most advanced revolutionary “hands-on” motion control training
system, comprising EtherCAT Networking, Servo tuning, and Multi- axis Control

The new EASII Remote Practice System (RPS) integrates the Gold Maestro Motion Controller, Gold servo drives, and the EASII application into a fully configured formidable training system available on-line at the click of a mouse.
The screen displays the EASII fast and easy tool that walks-you-through your entire motion implementation − from user-friendly drive setup, to automated tuning, to super-intuitive multi-axis motion sequences.

Log In to the EASII Remote Practice System and you will be able to sense and operate EASII remotely in a real hardware emulation environment.

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Elmo Application Studio:

The Ultimate Tool that “Walks You Through” the Entire Motion Implementation


EASII’s brief – the perfect motion control software


Series of exercises for getting up-to-speed with the EASII


Self-paced tutorials, designed to offer an overview on EASII.