Integration of enhanced performance of the servo motor systems and simplification of the electrical machine topology, minimizes wiring and eliminates EMI inductance by bulky long cabling. It also improves encoder noise immunity and reduces the size of the electrical cabinets by at least 80%, with its compact packaging.

Elmo’s servo motors capabilities of precise positioning, speed control and torque efficiency come with a wide power range:
Standard 50W to 1000W (up to 5kw are available upon request). For very low cogging rotation are specifically beneficial at lower velocities

Elmo’s Servo Motors for applications in a broad range of standard and specialized projects are very versatile thanks to its various feedback types:

  • STD (default): Single turn 20 bits Absolute Encoder
  • Option: Multi-turn, 20 bits single turn + 16 bits multi-turn, including battery
  • Option: Quadrature 2500 ppr+ commutation signals (Hall signals)

There are other options that are available upon specific request.

Elmo’s Servo Motors

As safety becomes a main aspect of technology, Elmo Servo Motors are evolving by directly integrating many safety solutions.

They are designed to meet most machines safety directives and standards. The motors are STO (Safety Torque Off) certified (IEC 61800-5-2:2007 SIL, EN ISO 13849-1:2008 Cat 3, PLe) and have a Brake Option which allows for “internal” brake control and powering.

Our servo motors are extremely rugged, compact and are equipped for tough environmental conditions, allowing high performance for operation directly from the mains.

Regarding Elmo servo drives, peak output operation is twice the rated continuous current for a full three seconds in certain drives.

This has been a clear advantage for Elmo for some time since many manufacturers can only rate peak operation at one second or less. This allows for a wide variety of applications, for use of Servo motors with expanded dynamic performance.

Since connectivity is a key aspect in compatibility, our servo motor offers a variation of application support for the most popular Ethernet fieldbuses including EtherCAT and CANopen.

These capabilities make networking highly efficient and highly compatible for the use of most machines.

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