Unmanned Vehicle

Unmanned vehicles have made quite an evolution throughout the years. Today, unmanned vehicles are tasked to maneuver through harsher terrains and environments and serve for a multitude of functions or operations. Unmanned vehicles are used for a variety of operations such as hauling, transportation, disposing and/or disarming of explosives, surveillance, etc.

Handling & Storage

Using Elmo’s Harmonica Digital Servo Drive, TekCel of Hopkinton, Massachusettes designed and built a very compact material handling system for test tubes and plates. The Harmonica was designed into an enclosure that operates at a study -20° C.

Fine Print Inspection

Elmo Motion Control’s Harmonica Digital Servo Drive was integrated into an automated print inspection machine. Mounted in the optical head of the system, the Harmonica controls the position of the camera as it scans the newly printed area.

PCB Printer

Using Elmo Motion Control’s Harmonica Digital Servo Drives, A North American Company that designs and manufactures Printed Circuit Board screen printers, has designed a new machine that uses the benefits of CANopen Servo Motion Control Architecture.

Labeling/Capping Industrial Machine

It is usually the rotation of the carousel itself that imparts, via a mechanical cam, rotary motion to the bottle holder platter or capping chuck which, in turn, regulate the tightening torque applied with a magnetic clutch. The main shortcomings of a mechanical camsystem include reduced efficiency, due to the mechanical couplings which require complex and costly installation procedures and constant maintenance, noisy operation, inadequate or no format flexibility and limited scalability of the machine.

Yarn Winder

The company for which this application solution was developed is one of the largest manufacturers of textile machinery. The company designs and manufactures many different models of textile machines for its customers in both the local and international markets.he compact nature of this machine requires compact electronics and a minimal amount of cabling. Drives designed with high power density and for high performance, with fast serial communication channels, are an optimal fit.

The ECO Car

Some of the advantages of steer by wire technology are clearly apparent, as demonstrated in the Shell Eco-marathon, an energy saving competition. The goal of the Shell Eco-marathon competition is build a vehicle with the highest possible fuel efficiency – a car that can cover the greatest possible distance on a single liter of fuel. To do well, the vehicle design must be optimized and streamlined to reduce all conceivable sources of energy loss. With this goal in mind, an electronic steering system enables optimal use of space in the vehicle.