Elmo is one of a small number of companies to pass rigorous EtherCAT Conformance Tests.

Elmo believes that compliance with industry protocols, like EtherCAT, and standards such as Safety and EMC, is mandatory to guarantee reliable operation of any industrial equipment. Choosing our products with EtherCAT inside provides product engineers with huge advantages like interoperability.

EtherCAT is currently the fastest growing open protocol in the motion control industry because it answers your needs for motion control solutions that cut costs and give you flexibility and results.

Why EtherCAT?

  • EtherCAT is leading as far as unmatched performance.
  • The strength of EtherCAT synchronization techniques allows it to be compatible with high-demanding and simpler applications.
  • Combined with the correct implementation of both the network protocol and a proper device profile, true distributed motion controlcan now be achieved.

EtherCAT and Your Machine

There is a great difference between a product that uses its own interpretation of a communication protocol and one that meets a universally accepted standard that provides product engineers with huge advantages such as:

  • Fast and simple integration with any other compliance product.
  • Proper and reliable operation of the network in terms of efficiency, speed, bus load, etc.
  • Efficient and fast communication transportation.
  • High levels of synchronization and coordination of the nodes.
  • Superior cycling, synchronization for optimal multi-axis applications.
  • An “open” network for adding, omitting, replacing (including vendors), upgrading nodes of any compliant product.
  • Compatibility with future compliant products and solutions.

Pursuing official EtherCAT compliance is’nt easy. It:

  • Is resource consuming (time & money)
  • Increases the developing costs
  • Prolongs the developing time significantly
  • Requires much more processing resources that increases the BOM costs
  • Involves a high-level, skilled, experienced and devoted engineering team
  • Compels design engineers to ‘stick to the protocol’ during R&D

Elmo believes that complying with EtherCAT, and other protocols, is not only worth the effort, but essential and the only way
for our industry to progress and for all of us to succeed!

How can EtherCAT bring you success? Contact us now.

Learn more about EtherCAT with our white paper on “multi-axis position control by EtherCAT real-time networking.”