Radio controlled Robot

Elmo’s Hornet drives are intelligent, high power and compact drives. This case study shows how Roboterwerk GmbH, a manufacturer of rugged, outdoor, unmanned vehicles

Robotic Vehicle

This case study shows how one of our customers, a leading defense systems company, used the Hornet servo drive for a portable, lightweight

Surveillance Robot

Elmo’s Hornet digital servo drives are very compact, with high power density and on-board intelligence.

Wind Turbine

Wind turbines are rotating machines that convert the wind’s kinetic energy into mechanical energy which in turn is converted into electricity.

MRI Scanner

ELGEMS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of GE Medical Systems, was searching for the means to reduce production costs in its Millennium VG series Gamma camera, while at the same time maintaining top accuracy and efficiency.

Compact, High-Power-Density Drives Run Electromechanical Rotor in Helicopter Drone

Whether they serve military, civil, or industrial applications, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) make the world a safer place.