Compact, High-Power-Density Drives Run Electromechanical Rotor in Helicopter Drone

Whether they serve military, civil, or industrial applications, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) make the world a safer place.

Smart, Rugged, Efficient Elmo Drives Support Armored Fighting Vehicle Motion Systems

For a perfect example, look no further than the Armored Fighting Vehicle (AFV). An AFV is a multi-functional defense

Fast Settling Servo Drives Speed Wafer Testing

Semiconductor fabrication requires a complex sequence of time-consuming steps using highly sophisticated and expensive equipment.

High-Power Density Drives Propel Soft Target for ADASs Testing

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) such as anti-collision systems, lane-departure warning systems, and adaptive cruise control constitute a rapidly growing segment of the automotive market.

Collaborative Robot

Elmo’s ultimate Motion Control solution is boosting the new design and answering the challenges of the first manufacturing floor Collaborative Robot Coworker developed by Siasun, a leading Chinese robotic company.

Minimally Invasive Brain Navigation

At Imperial College London, researchers are working continuously to improve neurosurgery, by making it less invasive than ever.