Dear Elmo Customer,


In order to improve our technical support service, Elmo Motion Control Ltd. (“Elmo”) is initiated Customer Support Service Policy (“CSSP“) for its customer’s convenience. For any additional information regarding this CSSP please contact:


1.    Technical Call reporting process

For any request for technical support (“technical call”), the customer will contact the regional technical support department.

Customers can contact the technical support by phone or email, but the fastest and most effective way is through the company website ( at the Support-Service Portal window.

The technical support system was designed for our customers in order to provide fast and professional technical support within 7 working days.

The process is simple, the customer is required to enter the Support-Service Portal and fill out a simple technical questionnaire, the information in the questionnaire will allow the technical support team to assess the situation and provide a quick and professional response.


2.    Back-to-Work obligation

Elmo committed to a Back-to-Work solution to its customers, the technical support team will confirm customer’s technical calls within 24 hours and will contact the customer to strive for a solution within 7 working days.


3.    The Elmo doesn’t work?

Returning the product to Elmo in most cases is not necessary and will only be requested from the customer when the Corrective Preventive Process (“CAP”) Team concludes that additional functional analysis is required in order to achieve actual preventive action.

If additional functional analysis is necessary the customer will be guided by Elmo CAP Team


4.    Warranty Period

The Warranty period is 12 months.

5.    Under-Warranty Repair Cost Products

Under-Warranty products will be replaced or repaired at no charge, other than shipping and other costs back-and-forth, subject to Elmo’s GTAC.


6.    Warranty-Expired Repair Cost Products

  • Products with expired warranty will be repaired (if possible) at 75% of the products’ price list, in addition to all shipping and other costs back-and-forth. Upon Elmo’s notice, Customer will have to approve and issue a P.O. for such
  • In case of inability to repair, Elmo will replace with a new product and will charge 85% of the products’ price list, in addition to all shipping and other costs back-and-forth. Upon Elmo’s notice, Customer will have to approve and issue a P.O. for such
  • In case of product with expired warranty was found without failure, the expected cost is about 95$/90€ and will be charged to the


7.    Extended Warranty

Both Under-Warranty and Warranty-Expired products repaired and/or replaced will be returned with the remainder of its original warranty and a six months warranty (from the repair/replacement date) whichever is the longest.


8.    User Failure

Upon opening the assembly or cover of the original received product, the warranty will expire immediately.

If the failure was caused by wrong connection or by misapplication by the user, the product is considered as Warranty-Expired and will be handled via the sales department. Products “Out Of Warranty”/”Warranty-Expired” will be handled via the sales department.


9.      Failure Analysis

Elmo’s CAP team will decide if a Failure Analysis (“FA”) is necessary. Only “Approved for FA” will be allowed to be sent to Elmo’s headquarter for analysis.

If the Customer insists to receive the FA in a non-approved case, the expected cost of the FA is about 500€/600$ and will be charged to the Customer.


10.  Shipping Cost Freight and Handling Charges and Procedures

All shipping and other costs shall be covered by the Customer. Elmo will make reasonable efforts to return the products with the next relevant Customer shipment – unless requested otherwise.

All shipping details as Returned Merchandize Authorization (“RMA”) number, Elmo P/N, etc. should be stated in the shipping documents. Shipments which arrive without the proper documentation will be returned to the sender.


11.  Off Setting

Under no circumstances will “Off-Setting” of payments by the Customer due to RMAs be allowed.


12.  Integral Part of the GTAC

This CSSP is an integral part of Elmo’s General Terms and Conditions, Version of August 2015 (the “GTAC“) and both shall apply to any quotation, purchase order, order confirmation and any sales and/or provisions of products and/or services by Elmo.



Version C of August 2015