Elmo’s Motion Controllers
Making Smart Machines Smarter

Elmo Motion Control designs, produces and implements comprehensive, field-proven motion controllers that make client’s data-driven, smart machines smarter.

The company’s R&D department combines intelligent motion control technologies, real-time programming and control algorithms with advanced digital hardware to enable leaner, more flexible machines.

Controlled by the Elmo application studio (EAS) – a software environment that cuts integration time and maintenance costs, Elmo’s servo drives and multi-axes motion controllers minimize a machine’s footprint and cabling, improve throughput, and give original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) a competitive edge.

Founded in 1988, Elmo’s production facility is located at the Israeli R&D center and is also its global headquarters. In order to meet the growing demand for Elmo’s products, the company also opened a factory in Warsaw, Poland.

Elmo employs more than 300 staff worldwide, and has a dedicated presence in the United States, China, Germany, Italy, Korea, Poland, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.