Product Change Notification, Elmo Standard Product Policy


Elmo Motion Control follows guidelines for Process/Product Change and End of Life Notifications in agreement with JEDEC JESD46 (PCN) and JESD48 (EOL) standards.

The classification of Major and Minor changes is determined as defined in the standard.

Major change:  A change that may affect the form, fit or function of the product.

Minor change:  A change that does not affect the form, fit, function, quality or reliability of the product.

Definition of Fit: The external dimensions and associated tolerance of the product as specified in  its SPEC.

Definition of Form: The visual appearance including shape, size, dimension, mass, weight, color, marking and other parameters, which uniquely characterize the product as specified in its SPEC.

Definition of Function: The electrical, mechanical, thermal and performance characteristics of the product as specified in its SPEC.

Customers will be notified of Major changes. Elmo Motion Control reserves the right to make changes without notification when form, fit or function are not affected.

  • Change Notices should be issued at least 90 days in advance, prior to the design change or release.
  • When a third-party vendor publishes an EOL notification, Elmo Motion Control is obligated to inform its customers 180 days prior to the design change or release. Elmo Motion Control offers a Last Time Buy (LTB) opportunity, where applicable, and accepts customer orders for products up to 12 months from the date of obsolescence notification and allows an additional six months for delivery of any ordered product.
  • FW changes will be fully compatible and available for download from the Elmo Website.
  • If samples are needed for evaluation of a change, we require that this request be made within 30 days of notification.
  • Notifications will be sent to customers from Elmo via email from the sales or technical support departments.

Your Account Manager is your primary point of contact for any questions regarding End of Life and product change. Alternatively, you may contact our Quality Team, which is available to support you and your organization with any concerns or challenges that  might arise due to End of Life or product change.