Understanding the role of shunt resistors and bus capacitors in regenerative systems

When properly sized, shunt resistors can be effective. When improperly sized or applied, they can at best trigger frequent faults and at worst go into early failure. In either case, the effect is increased downtime and reduced productivity.

Smart Safety | Huge Savings for Manufacturers

Elmo drives with advanced Functional Safety over EtherCAT help manufacturers Save money, hardware, and space, while increasing machine safety dramatically

The Paradox of Smart Manufacturing

Consumers today want more – more functionality, better quality, and more layers of customization in the goods that they buy. Schooled by the semiconductor industry, they expect each generation of products to be smaller, faster, longer-lasting, and more reliable than ever before

Smart Servo Sensing in Industry 4.0

In a revolution aimed at transforming factories, the less talked about motion control technology can help achieve many of the goals driving Industry 4.0 (I4.0) forward.

Green Motion Control Process

Machine builders always endeavor to obtain higher throughput with very high yield (and at lower cost). This can be accomplished by high dynamics and highest accuracy in the machine

Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV)

Elmo’s motion solutions are ideal for the ever advancing world of underwater remotely operated vehicles.