1. How to choose the Ideal Servo Drive for your Machine?

    Servo motor and stepper motor drives provide significant potential for optimizing motion control systems. Smart drives range from simple “dumb” drives that only translate and amplify controller commands to more sophisticated drives that can act independently as controllers. System designers have a choice of power, voltage, current, form factor, and connectivity. Other, more advanced options include autotuning, troubleshooting capabilities, data recording, and safety functionality.


    Machine safety has evolved significantly since the 1990s, with the release of the functional safety standard IEC 61508 in 1998 marking a turning point for machine-builders and end-users. With a standardized safety concept, equipment suppliers and machine builders could instill confidence in their customers that their safety systems had been tested and vetted rigorously, and users no longer had to spend time and resources analyzing the risk of a machine or system failure.