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Elmo Motion Control offers a wide range of servo drives for any motion requirement, from industrial applications that demand the utmost precision and power density, to the world’s most extreme applications designed for critical missions in harsh environments

With Elmo’s Motion Control, your machines perform at their highest potential – faster, more accurate, consistent, and safer. And, they are, lighter, smaller, simpler to build and run, and longer-lasting. Elmo uniquely enables you to cut costs through technology, improving machine throughput by 20%-250% without touching the mechanics – thus eliminating the long and expensive process of improving, retrofitting, redesigning, stiffening, resizing, and ruggedizing.


Significantly enhanced servo performance, higher EtherCAT networking precision, much richer servo operation capabilities Functional Safety.

Elmo’s industry-leading Platinum line of servo drives provides faster and more enhanced servo performance with wider bandwidth, higher resolutions, and advanced control for better results. Platinum drives offer precise EtherCAT networking, faster cycling, very high synchronization, negligible jitters, and near-zero latency.


Run Your Own Algorithms on Elmo’s Servo Drives, COMPOSER2® tool allows SIL (Software in the Loop) execution also at the servo drive level.

Free-to-use programming tool which allows you to take motion control into your own hands. Composer2 is a powerful new tool which enables machine designers to easily develop, test and implement their own control algorithms within Elmo’s Platinum drives and multi-axis motion controllers.

elmo composer


Since 2012, Elmo Gold Servo Drives have provided industry-leading smart servo functionality for highly demanding applications

The Gold line of servo drives is the direct result of over 200 person-years of engineering and natural evolution of the original Elmo SimplIQ technology. Supporting both CANopen and EtherCAT protocols and equipped with advanced technology, this exceptional line for its cutting edge performance.