Advanced Ethercat, Multi- Axis Motion Controller


Multi Axis Network Based Motion Controller

Elmo’s Gold Maestro is an advanced network based, multi-axis machine motion controller. The Gold Maestro controls any multi-axis scenario, from simple point-to-point motion to complete multi-axis coordinated or synchronized motion. Elmo’s Gold Maestro is based on years of industrial expertise in motion control engineering and on the most advanced algorithms in the industry.

When paired with Elmo’s Gold Line of servo drives, our distributed motion control system offers the highest results in the market.

Networking Standards

The Gold Maestro is based on EtherCAT and CANopen networking standards for

precise multi-axis control. Motion standards are based on the DS-301, DS-402, DS-406, and other motion standards. IOs and bus peripherals are also supported.

Programming and API Standards

Fast implementation is enabled using high-level, multi-axis programming environments such as IEC 61131-3, Microsoft .NET, Win32, Native C/C++ programming using the PLCopen for Motion API, and macro language.


Gold Maestro Highlights

  • Delta Robot and Kinematics support
  • Motion blending & superimposed motion
  • Coordinated group motion, blending and transitions
  • Polynomial motion segments, PVT and spline support
  • Real-time updates of target positions (Elmo’s Flying VisionTM)
  • 1D, 2D and 3D error mapping correction
  • EtherCAT master for distributed networking, with distributed clock management
  • CANopen master for distributed networking
  • Host communications and protocols including Ethernet, TCP/IP, UDP (Fast Binary Protocols, Modbus, Ethernet/IP)
  • Network statistics for diagnostics
  • 64-bit processing
GOLD-MAESTRO0113 to 96 VDC power supply
GOLD-MAESTRO0220 to 196 VDC power supply