Develop from point-to-point single axis motions to sophisticated blended motion blocks, while supporting PLCopen.

  • Simple point-to-point, jog motion profiles using G-MAS or drive profiler
  • Up to 1000 function block (FB) queue size
  • Cyclic torque, velocity and position modes, full jerk support, blended motions, PVT
  • Support for superimposed motion, motion limits at network level
  • Monitoring of in-target and motion times

Getting Started with G-MAS Single Axis Motion

Develop, test and fine tune single axis motion.Read More »

Axis Motion – PLCopen By the Book

Single axis motion and API is performed according to the PLCopen Single Axis State machine.Read More »

Group Motion and Administrative Buffers

User can insert up to 1000 Single axis motion blocks in advance, while defining real time scenarios to occur between function blocks (Speed Changes, Torque Changes, IO Changes etc.).Read More »

Simple Point-to-Point Motion

User can perform any motion. From simple point to point motions to complex synchronized motionsRead More »

Using the Drive Profiler – Distributed Motion

User can choose to use the drives profiler while the G-MAS only controls the beginning and end of motion commands.Read More »

Full Jerk Support

64 bit, real-time, double precision profile calculations, allowing full on-the-fly control over speed, acceleration, deceleration and jerkRead More »

Motion Blending

Velocity change on the fly to specific velocity command (Previous, Next, High, Low command ) without stopping the motionRead More »

Virtual Axis Support

User can define and emulate a full motion system without actual drives or mechanics by defining an axis a “Virtual Axis”Read More »

G-MAS Motion PVT Support

User can specify a prepared or on the fly path with discrete position, velocity and time. The G-MAS will interpolate (5th order) to create a smooth and contiguous pathRead More »

G-MAS Superimposed Motion

Enables imposing an additional profiler on top of an ongoing motion in real time.Read More »

Network Limits Support

Software and Hardware Limits are handled by the G-MAS Network Controller.Read More »

G-MAS Motion In Target Monitoring

‘In Target’ as well as ‘Motion Ended’ status reporting for any axis.Read More »