Host Communication includes a wide variety of standardized and proprietary communication protocols.

communicate the Elmo Gold Maestro Motion Controller (G-MAS) with the Host computer, PLC, or HMI.

The Host Communication protocols:

  • Enable fast, simple communications with 3rd party industrial elements such as touch panels, teach pendant, PLCs, industrial PCs, etc.
  • Use standard “by the book” industry protocols
  • When proprietary communications protocols are preferred over standard industry protocols, G-MAS provides TCP/IP and UDP/IP communication interfaces via C and C++ libraries

Getting Started with G-MAS Connections

G-MAS supports TCP/IP, UDP/IP, Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP protocols using both Ethernet and USB ports.Read More »

G-MAS Direct TCP-UDP Connection

Enables propriety communications for TCP/IP connections using C and C++.Read More »

Modbus TCP protocol

Standardized Modbus-UDP protocol for communication with Host Computers, HMI and PLC…Read More »

Ethernet IP protocol

Standardized Ethernet-IP protocol for communication with Host Computers, HMI, and PLC…Read More »