CANopen Communication

Control all drives in the network using standardized CANopen protocol.

CANopen Communication enables:

  • Standardized “by the book” DS301/DS402
  • Support to 3rd party DS401 and DS406 devices
  • Support for multiple CANopen slaves, multiple slave types
  • Advanced built-in tool for PDO mapping
  • Provides real-time data regarding CAN bus network status

Getting Started with CANopen Communication

Working with the CANopen standard, the G-MAS user can easily configure, control and monitor the network.Read More »

CANopen Network Diagnostics

G-MAS provides an advanced tool for viewing real time CANopen diagnostics and network status.Read More »

CANopen DS301 DS402 Support

Protocol to drives is strict DS402 supporting the following protocols:

  • Cyclic Position
  • Cyclic Velocity
  • Cyclic Torque
  • Interpolated Position
  • Profile Position
  • Profile Velocity

Read More »


CANopen DS401 IO Devices Support

Full support for standard CANopen DS 401 IO Protocols.Read More »

CANopen DS406 CAN Encoder Devices Support

Ability to configure and read position of CANopen encoders on the CAN network.Read More »

CANopen Virtual CAN Encoder Support

G-MAS can simulate a CAN encoder on the network, thus reducing the testing time needed on a real CAN device.Read More »

CANopen Gateway to Elmo Drives

G-MAS provides a real-time gateway to Elmo drives on the network via the CANopen standard.Read More »