D(r)ive into Deep Water

Elmo’s solutions are implemented in a remotely operated vehicle ensuring high-speed underwater and robustness for deep water pressures and shocks

Die Bonding Optimization While Overcoming Mechanical Challenges

A leading semiconductor equipment manufacturer is specializing in sub-micron

Increasing Wafer Probe Testing Throughput by Means of Servo

A leading manufacturer for precision technologies for the semiconductor industry is now developing an advanced

How does Wi-Fi work at 35,000 feet?

Elmo’s Gold Bee operates in extreme temperatures to allow in-flight Wi-Fi

Converting CNC Machines into Advanced 3D Printers

Elmo’s high precision drives are contributing to the transformation of existing CNC machines into 3D printers

Driving robots on Mars

Our servo drives power all 10 axes of NASA’s RASSOR robot providing the power, size, and weight required for the mobility on Mars

The Tech Behind Carpets Tufting

Elmo’s Motion Controllers perfectly synchronize the motion of hundreds of motors needed for carpet tufting

Turning Humans into Robots

Elmo’s drives are used for the reliable motion of Exoskeletons’ devices, designed to assist people during rehabilitation