Unmanned Vehicle

Unmanned vehicles have made quite an evolution throughout the years. Today, unmanned vehicles are tasked to maneuver through harsher terrains and environments and serve for a multitude of functions or operations. Unmanned vehicles are used for a variety of operations such as hauling, transportation, disposing and/or disarming of explosives, surveillance, etc.

Surveillance Robot

Elmo’s Hornet digital servo drives are very compact, with high power density and on-board intelligence. This case study shows how one of our customers, a leading defense systems supplier, used Hornet servo drives for a small and sophisticated surveillance robot application that operates in extreme environments.

Robotic Vehicle

This case study shows how one of our customers, a leading defense systems company, used the Hornet servo drive for a portable, lightweight military robot application 

Radio-controlled Robot

Elmo’s Hornet drives are intelligent, high power and compact drives. This case study shows how Roboterwerk GmbH, a manufacturer of rugged, outdoor, unmanned vehicles, used them for a portable, all-terrain robot. 

Bomb Disposal Robot

The teleMAX bomb disposal robot has been specially adapted for operations that have to be carried out in narrow spaces, such as on aircraft, underground trains or buses. Anywhere where the larger model, tEODor, cannot operate, teleMAX ensures that the vital distance is maintained between the bomb disposal engineer and the bomb. Elmo’s Whistle and Tweeter servo drives Controllers are a very practical choice, as then can be mounted within the joints of the robotic arm.

Small Mobile Robot

Elmo’s Solo Guitar digital servo drives are intelligent, high power and compact. This case study shows how one of our customers, a leading mobile robot manufacturer, implemented Elmo’s Solo Guitar drives in a portable, heavy duty transport application.

High Mobility Robot

Whistle 20/100 Integrated Solution for a High Powered Mobile Robot

The Whistle is the only digital servo drive on the market that can handle both the extreme power requirements and the tight spaces of the high-performance Chaos robot. It allowed us to take full advantage of the design, giving Chaos a carrying capacity of well over 45 kg (100 lbs) and a top speed that rivals any robot in its class, a significant improvement over the previous implementation. Product support was also excellent, with responses from Elmo’s engineers taking hours instead of days.
Bret Turpin, Project Manager, Autonomous Solutions