Fast Settling Servo Drives Speed Wafer Testing

With high power density, onboard intelligence, and built-in connectivity, Elmo drives equip robotic camera dolly to shoot extreme live-action footage.
Computer-generated imagery (CGI) can create extraordinary scenes but for edge-of-the-seat blockbusters, there’s no substitute for live-action shooting. Live filming enables directors to change camera angles, explore alternative approaches with their actors, and even swap out dialogue. The problem is that human-operated dollies simply can’t deliver the explosive speed and acceleration demanded by cutting-edge action films. That’s why Mega Trax developed the MX 500 semi-autonomous, high-speed robotic dolly system. With the help of compact, high-power servo drives from Elmo Motion Control, the MX 500 can accelerate cameras to speeds of better than 90 mph in a matter of seconds. The best part is that the drives enable the MX 500 to execute these moves repeatably, reliably, and in the most rugged conditions imaginable.

Boosting the Performance of an LED Semiconductor Die-Bonding Machine

Elmo increases machine throughput and accuracy to speed manufacturing.As an innovator and high-volume producer, the company was interested in faster and more cost-effective ways to produce industry-leading LEDs and wanted to improve the speed and accuracy of its automated die-bonding machines.Elmo applied its solution of a direct-drive rotary motor (DDR) shaft connected to a rotational load controlled by Gold servo drives and powered by a dedicated Elmo power supply.