Access multiple drives using a single dedicated servo gateway

Used In:

  • Any G-MAS application using multiple axes that requires a direct connection to drives

The G-MAS enables creation of a virtual gateway to all servo drives on the CANopen network.

Using the gateway, it is possible to connect to each drive separately in order to tune the drive or upload critical data, such as data recordings. Connection is achieved via the G-MAS only, so that during operation there is no need to physically connect to the individual servo drive ports.

Configured using the Elmo Application Studio (EAS), the CANopen gateway works like a TCP-to-CAN converter.  When the G-MAS operates as the motion manager under the DS-402 profiler, the user can receive data at the drive level using the defined gateway.

The user needs to define each axis gateway in the network, using the G-MAS configuration file.

Design Features

  • Each motion axis is configured to a unique gateway address
  • All driver data can be accessed through the gateway
  • Gateway configuration is performed using the Elmo Application Studio (EAS).
  • G-MAS Connection Procedure
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