Elmo’s servo technology empowers the automated-warehouse industry with the ability to face the challenges of scalability and flexibility.

With proven industry-leading power density, high efficiency, and unparalleled motion performance, global manufactures are turning to Elmo to achieve a compact, intelligent, and smooth operating robotics and shuttles for today’s smart warehouse.

Safe Operation

Reliable, certified functionality

Compact Drives

Powerful, compact and ready for scalability.

Efficient Operation

At 99% efficiency saves in downtime for recharging.

Smooth drive and maneuver

Regardless of extreme loads & speed

Rugged Design

regardless of the environment the drives can handle it

All Terrain Operation

Overcome any hurdle with ease.

Continuous & Uninterrupted Operation

Ensures load safety by avoiding sudden stops.

Precise Efficient Vehicle Motion

Accurate multi-axis maneuverability

Adaptive Operation (Varying Loads)

Intelligent load adaptive operation

Recommended Products

While all of Elmo’s drivers can handle the rigors of Smart Warehouse applications the Gold DRUM the Gold whistle and the Gold Guitar are amongst the most popular choices for this industry for their power and footprint.