Elmo’s high precision motion control is the ideal servo driver for dispensing implementations.

Dispensing machine throughput is determined primarily by the speed and accuracy around corners. Elmo’s proven servo technology provides dispensing machines the ability to increase throughput and accuracy with advanced algorithms using cutting edge motion technology. With industry leading power density, efficiency, and unparalleled motion performance, Elmo continues to prove their superiority in all fields of the motion industry.

Fast & Accurate Corner Control.

Advanced Dispensing and Triggering.

Precise Gantry Control.

Boosted Machine Performance.

Superb Multi-Axis Control.

Efficient EtherCAT Networking.

Simple Simulation & Implementation.

Recommended Products

Elmo’s Platinum Motion controller is the industry standard in motion performance. Combined with Elmo’s servo drivers the precision and accuracy of one of the most demanding applications was made possible

Case Studies

Compact, High-Power-Density Drives Run Electromechanical Rotor in Helicopter Drone

Whether they serve military, civil, or industrial applications, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) make the world a safer place.

Fast Settling Servo Drives Speed Wafer Testing

Semiconductor fabrication requires a complex sequence of time-consuming steps using highly sophisticated and expensive equipment.

Boosting the Performance of an LED Semiconductor Die-Bonding Machine

As an innovator and high-volume producer, the company was interested in faster and more cost-effective ways to produce industry-leading LEDs.