Elmo’s high precision motion control provides an ideal solution for dispensing implementations.

Dispensing machine throughput is determined primarily by the speed and accuracy around corners. Elmo’s proven servo technology provides dispensing machines with the ability to increase throughput and accuracy with advanced algorithms using cutting edge motion technology. With industry leading power density, efficiency, and unparalleled motion performance, Elmo continues to prove their superiority in all fields of the motion industry.

Fast & Accurate Corner Control

Polynomial corner blending is used to limit jerk & acceleration, enabling higher machine throughput.

Advanced Dispensing and Triggering

Strong servo features coupled with a fully featured motion controller and local intelligence enable advanced dispensing and triggering.

Precise Gantry Control

Effective servo performance and tuning tools enable control of the Gantry system.

Boosted Machine Performance

Elmo’s servo drives are available with a choice of EtherCAT or CANopen. The ultrafast cycle times and minimal jitter of these protocols support best-in-class real-time performance.

Superb Multi-Axis Control

Multi-axis synchronization with advanced servo control.

High Precision

Elmo’s servo drives are able to deliver very precise and smooth movement due to Elmo’s advanced motion control algorithms implemented in the drives and Elmo’s proprietary EASII programming software.

Simple Simulation & Implementation

“Mount it anywhere” and the intuitive use of EASII shorten time to market.

Recommended Products

Elmo’s Platinum Motion controller is the industry standard in motion performance. Combined with Elmo’s servo drives, the precision and accuracy of one of the most demanding applications was made possible.

Case Studies

High Precision Gantry-based Dispensing Machine powered by Elmo

Innovative dispensing robot delivers outstanding speed, precision and flexibility for demanding applications.