Through cutting edge technology Elmo provides the AGV industry an efficient and smart driver that will allow the manufacturer a full range of options for developing the best AGV possible limited only by imagination.

Safe Operation

Reliable, certified AGV operations

Compact Drives

Better suited for confined space

Efficient Operation

Keeps AGVs away from dock stations longer

Smooth Vehicle Motion

Regardless of extreme loads & speed variation

Rugged Design

Can handle any terrain and environment

High Current Operation

Handle loads and terrain easily

All Terrain Operation

Overcome any hurdle with ease

No Sudden Stops

Ensures load safety by preventing sudden stops

Precise Efficient Vehicle Motion

Accurate multi-axis maneuverability

Adaptive Operation (Varying Loads)

Intelligent load adaptive operation

Recommended Products

While all of Elmo’s drivers can handle the rigors of AGV applications the Gold Drum the Gold Whistle and the Gold Guitar are amongst the most popular choices for this industry for their power and footprint.

Case studies

Intelligent servo drives help lifting and conveying loads of varying weights

A leading manufacturer of AGV systems upgrades his latest model with Elmo’s advanced servo drives and solves a long-time operational problem.

Revolutionizing parking with an automated guided vehicle

An autonomous guided vehicle (AGV) needed high power in a small package for a safe, reliable, effective and space-saving parking.

High-Power-Density Drives Run Mobile Robots in Smart Warehouse

The success of an e-commerce giant’s fully automated sorting facility hinged on low-profile mobile robots powered by Elmo’s compact, high-performance servo drives.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Powered by Elmo

Elmo’s servo drives are helping AB Dynamic build high-power, low-profile Advanced Driver Assistance Systems testing platforms

The Eco Car, Steer by Wire Technology and the Race to Save Energy

Some of the advantages of steer by wire technology are clearly apparent, as demonstrated in the Shell Eco-marathon, an energy saving competition.

Smooth, Precise Motion for a Heavy-Load Transport System

WFT upgraded its industrial transporter with Elmo’s Gold Drum servo drives, and gained high current over extended periods