Elmo’s motion solutions are ideal for the ever-advancing world of underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs).

Beyond the physical advantage, Elmo addresses the need for high-speed underwater thrusting with ultra-high voltage drives, thrusters start-up against water currents with advanced servo algorithms, and mandatory robustness for deepwater pressures and shocks.

High Speed, Power Thrusting

Elmo’s wide range of drives can provide ROVs with ultra-high currents and voltages to accommodate any speed or acceleration of thrusters. Thrusters can be of a few Watts or several Kilowatts are no problem

Compact and Light ROV

Further contributing to the miniaturization of ROVs, Elmo drives are compact yet packed with power. Extreme power density is crucial for overall footprint and weight reduction

Thruster Start-Up Against Water Currents

Advanced servo algorithms such as Hot Plugging allow ROV thrusters to begin rotating regardless of any existing thruster motion due to water current

Choose Umbilical Power Supply

Whether high voltage or stepped down from TMS, AC supply, or already rectified DC, Elmo drives can handle any supply with a versatile family of drives for any scenario

Ultimate Sea Robustness

Elmo drives are designed to operate under extreme environmental conditions, whether in extended temperatures (-40 to 70°C), high pressures, shocks or vibrations

Ideal for the All Electric ROV

With extreme power density and unmatched efficiency, Elmo is the ideal partner for the all-electric ROV, whether to precisely control the manipulators, or smoothly rotate thursters

Recommended Products

While all of Elmo’s drivers can handle the rigors of ROV applications the Gold DRUM the are amongst the most popular choices because of their high voltage capabilities of up to 800 Volts and their light weight.

Gold Mandolin

Very Small High voltage Servo Drive
Miniature Servo Drive for High Voltage

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