Elmo offers a wide range of versatile Servo drives as part of a motion control solution for every industrial automation application. The Gold Servo Drive incorporates the most advanced control and power conversion technologies which in conjunction with Elmo’s EAS II (Elmo Application Studio), optimally moves any mechanical load scenario up to the limits of the mechanical system.

Providing total compliance with global industry standards, the Gold Line Servo Drives are unparalleled in performance, capabilities, and flexibility. They harness the full power of cutting-edge EtherCAT and CANopen networking communication. The Gold Servo Drive comes in a wide range of sizes, operating voltages, output currents and support most feedback sensors such as incremental encoders, analog (sine/cosine) and resolvers with high precision, high resolution, built-in multiplier, 2- and 3-Phase absolute analog halls and absolute serial encoders.

The Gold Servo Drives have the sampling time for current, velocity, and position loops resulting in very high bandwidths as well as robust stability margins.

In addition, the drives have very high linearity with a current dynamic range of 2000:1 (100A drive smoothly runs a 0.05A load) and a flexible control loop order that can deal with any mechanical dynamic system characteristic.

With the Gold Servo Drives, any feedback sensor combination for dual loop architecture is possible thanks to the flexible configuration of feedback organization via Elmo’s unique and advanced sensor socket interfaces.

Delivering an abundance of control and profiling features:

  • ECAM/ Follower
  • Output Compare/ PEGS
  • Master-Slave Current/Velocity/Position
  • Modulo
  • Dynamic Braking
  • Dual Loop
  • Gantry / Planar
  • Unlimited Control Numerical values
  • High order control filter structure
  • Advanced Scheduled Filters Support with multiple scheduling strategies: By Position, by Reference Velocity, by Actual Velocity, for Best Settling. Manual Scheduling, and from Network.

The Gold Servo Drives are present in almost every industry, from Medical Devices, Smart Warehousing, and Semiconductor to Aerospace, Underwater applications, and Laboratory Equipment. Elmo’s Gold Line is implemented in a wide range of applications such as Guiding Lights on top of the Eifel Tower, Submarines and Underwater ROVs, House Building Robots, Wafer Handling and Inspection Machines, Antennas, High-Resolution Microscopes, Airport Guiding AGVs, Exoskeletons, Order Picking Robotic AGV and Electronic Board Probe Tester.

  • Ethercat logo
  • canopen
  • UL
  • Any motor
  • Any feedback

Gold Twitter

Gold Whistle

Gold Bell – includes stepper motors

Gold Guitar

Gold Mandolin

Gold Trombone

Gold Drum

Gold Drum HV

Gold Drum HV

High voltage, High Current Compact Servo Drive
50-100A/400VDC, 35-100A/800VDC, *900VDC optional

Gold AC drives