Standard device communications via Modbus registers

Used In:

  • Industrial device communications using PLCs or HMIs
  • Debugging motion sequences using virtual PLCs or HMIs
  • IEC programs or standalone applications

The G-MAS provides 64K of memory registers to enable Clients from any Host to communicate with it using the standard Modbus protocol.

The Elmo Application Studio II (EASII) enables communications with the G-MAS over Modbus using a dedicated user interface, which allows a programmer to debug motion sequences even when a physical HMI / PLC device is not present. Standard Modbus client programming interfaces are available via C/C++ objects and IEC.

Design Features

  • Library supports Modbus clients by C/C++ objects and IEC
  • Supported types: Holding Registers, Coils and Inputs
  • Supports Modbus write event callback registrations, enabling launch of Modbus events
  • IEC supports Modbus writing and reading operation and the ability to map Modbus memory to an IEC variable

Communicating via a Modbus connection and using Modbus TCP advantages is easily done.

  • See Modbus APIs for information on the numerous connection capabilities that are available on the G-MAS.
  • The user can access Modbus registers without need of a Modbus PLC. See EAS Support for details on an easy-to-use configuration window.

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