Connect motion segments with smooth kinematics and geometric shapes

 Used In:
  • Motion sequence simulation and testing
  • Any ECAM application using multiple slave axes in addition to the main axis

The G-MAS can create and operate ‘virtual’ axes, enabling computed simulation of machine motion sequences for prototyping applications.

Because a virtual axis does not physically exist, during operation its driver will not produce demand output or require any physical feedback. All position and velocity data for a virtual axis is generated internally and is functionally identical to the demand values produced by the motion profiler.

The advantages of using virtual axes include:

  • Allowing software-based aspects of an application to be simulated without need for machine mechanics, drives or and motors;
  • Enabling applications to be run on a motion controller before a machine’s development is completed;
  • Can be used in an ECAM application while maintaining the axis ratio of any position;
  • The mechanical shock of an axis when engaging and disengaging the table can be regulated while controlling the virtual profiler (especially useful when a motor is controlled from an ECAM table or is jumping between position points).

Design Features

  • No demand output is produced, nor is physical feedback required during virtual axis operation
  • Synchronization and definition are performed by the G-MAS
  • All configuration is performed using the G-MAS
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