Enhanced torque-speed operation using advanced field weakening

Used In:

  • Any application that work in velocity mode.
  • Systems that need higher velocity and have voltage limitation.

Elmo’s “Smart control” servo drives using Field Weakening technique to control the Lead-Lag between the back electromotive force (speed) and the current (torque) for optimum Speed-Torque performance.

Elmo’s “Smart Control” servo drives are designed to provide better servo performance and help achieving even higher velocity with your existing electrical power supply.

Before: Motor without phase advance function:

A. Drive velocity command 900,000cnt/sec –

B. Motor actual velocity – 848,000cnt/sec – Due to bus voltage limitation, the motor cannot reach the velocity command

*Actual velocity cannot trace the velocity command due to voltage bus limitation

After: Motor with phase advance function (same application):

A. Drive velocity command is 900,000cnt/sec

B. Motor actual velocity is 900,000cnt/sec – Due to phase advance function the motor actual velocity can reach the velocity command.

Design Features

  • Results high speed with constant and stable torque/ Force
  • Allows exceeding the speed limit due to voltage bus “shortage”

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