2 Motors Controlled by 1 Elmo Gold servo drive

Used In:

  • Application with “service” motors
  • Conveyors, lifters, pressers and similar applications
  • Two axes stand-alone application
  • Multi Axes application

Elmo’s Gold Line servo drives have a unique feature. One gold servo drive controls two motors:

  • First axis is the “main” servo motor, made for high performance motion control
  • Second axis is the “service” motor, made for low cost stepper motor or any servo that accepts Pulse and direction reference command.

Elmo’s Gold servo drives allow control of third party servo drives (service motors) by:

  • Pulse and Direction
  • Quadrature encoder signals (A Quad B)
  • Clockwise/Counter Clockwise (CW/CCW) signals

2 in 1 Implementation can be done by two methods:

  • As a “stand-alone”, using one drive to control two axes in one solution
  • As a part of ” Multi Axis network” Via a Gold Maestro (Elmo’s  multi axes controller)
    or any upper level Multi Axis Controller using DS-402 CoE based EtherCAT communication

Design Features

  • Reducing system overall costs dramatically – control 2 motors for the price of one
  • Implementation simplicity, using one cable only
  • Built-in feature in all Elmo’s Gold servo drive series
  • Easy configuration with EASII software tool
  • Non-periodic ECAM
  • Follower
  • Design Features

    • Multiple data tables can be pre-defined, with the required table being selected and activated on-the-fly
    • An active table can be updated on-the-fly (except for present table indices)
    • ECAM tables can include fixed or varying segment gaps
    • Engage or disengage user command or digital inputs
    • Quadratic or linear table interpolation can be used
    • CAM and Follower speed/acceleration outputs pass through Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters to reduce noise