Elmo’s servo drives double your options – smart servo drive and a built-in single axis controller

Used In:

  • Single axis stand-alone application
  • Direct communication interface

Elmo’s servo drives built-in functionality enables running the program with minimal or no assistance from the host or upper controller. This powerful feature dramatically reduces the system integration time and manufacture costs.

Each Elmo servo drive can function as Single axis motion controller by a user program. It is written in the drive language and stored in the drive’s non-volatile memory.

The user friendly interface includes 5 steps only:

  • Editing –  Writing and/or revising the program
  • Compiling –  Using the compiler to process the program and find errors
  • Loading –  Loading the program to the drive flash memory
  • Debugging – Observing the program behavior and correcting it where necessary
  • Running – Running the program

Elmo Application Studio II (EASII) includes all the tools needed to perform this procedure.

Design Features

  • Single axis stand-alone system – reducing system overall costs, no need for upper controller or host PC
  • User friendly – only a 5 step programming process
  • Ready to use program template for fast programming implementation
  • Easy Programming  with  EASII development environment software
  • Built-in feature in all Elmo’s servo drives