Synchronize master and slave motion using data tables or a set ratio

Used In:

  • Positioning the manipulator on a moving object
  • Synchronizing multiple drives

The ECAM and Follower module creates a link between a master and a slave in position mode. The synchronized position relationship can be specified in an ECAM data table and/or using a set follower ratio.

Supported features are based on standard PLCopen ECAM and gearing functionality, and are shown in the following figure:

  • Master reference sources include sensor, CAN encoder and DS402 profiler
  • Working modes include:
    • Periodic ECAM
  • Non-periodic ECAM
  • Follower
  • Design Features

    • Multiple data tables can be pre-defined, with the required table being selected and activated on-the-fly
    • An active table can be updated on-the-fly (except for present table indices)
    • ECAM tables can include fixed or varying segment gaps
    • Engage or disengage user command or digital inputs
    • Quadratic or linear table interpolation can be used
    • CAM and Follower speed/acceleration outputs pass through Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters to reduce noise

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