Healthcare Robotics Engineering Forum 2019
Santa Clara, CA, USA

Join us at Santa Clara’s Convention Center for an event where engineers can acquire the technical information and guidance they need to quickly and easily design, develop and manufacture the next generation of commercial class healthcare robotic systems.

December 9, 2019 – December 10, 2019  |  Santa Clara CA, USA   |  Booth #200

When Safety Meets Precision

World’s Smallest Most Powerful Servo for Medical Technologies

  • High Precision Operation
  • Safety-Integrated Servo Control
  • Ultra Fast EtherCAT Networking
  • Compact In-Joint Installation
  • Negligible EMI

How Elmo Motion Control Enabled Robotic Neurosurgery

Elmo Motion Control was selected for supplying the 4-axis robotic system with its Platinum Maestro Motion Controller, as well as driving the motors with 4 miniature Gold Twitter servo drives.

Platinum Maestro | Synchronize Any Multi-Axis System Seamlessly 

An orchestra needs a Maestro, and Elmo’s PMAS does exactly that.
With top-of-the-line motion functionality traits, advanced networking, and programing flexibility, the Platinum Maestro ensures seamless multi-servo-drives operation.

EASII 2.5 | Multi-Axis Motion Implementation Has Never Been Easier

The Industry’s leading motion software brings forward several new visual and recording tools offering
an improved user experience, and simplified motion implementation.

Conference discount Code: Elmo to save 50% when registering (register HERE)

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