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Motion Control & Power Solutions 2019

January 15, 2019 – | ביתן 10 גני התערוכה, Israel

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Latest Technology

Smart Safety | Huge Savings for Manufacturers

Elmo drives with advanced Functional Safety (IEC 61800-5-2, SIL-3) over EtherCAT, help manufacturers save money, hardware, and space, while increasing machine safety dramatically.

Twitter Family | Award Winning Servo Technology

World’s smallest, most powerful servo drive. With up to 10kW of cont. Power (160A), EtherCAT, STO, and with multiple motion functionality, it offers the full range of power in a compact packaging.

Platinum Maestro | Now up to 256 axes of motion

World’s most advanced motion controller, rich with motion functionality, advanced networking, and programming flexibility, gets an upgrade.

Elmo Application Studio 2.5 is here

  • New! G-Code Editor
  • New! Maestro Software in the Loop Interface
  • New! Automated Robot Gain Scheduling
  • More Blending Transition Modes
  • Dynamics 3D Robot Image

And much more!

The world’s smallest most powerful servo drive, delivers over 5500w.

Gold Twitter delivers up to 5500 watts of qualitative power, ultra-high current with advanced servo capabilities and supports EtherCAT or CANopen networking. Weighing just 18 grams and less than 13 cm3 in volume. The Gold Twitter drives are STO certified (SIL 3) and are backed by the highest of safety standards

Elmo’s Smart Safety Trailer

Compact, High Power Solutions
Efficient Battery Operation
Ruggedized Design For Any Environment
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Collaborative Robotics
Safe Multi-Axis Control
Advanced Kinematic Support
Compact In-Joint Installation
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Fast & Accurate Inspection, Processing and Handling Processes
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High Precision , High Reliability Motion
Negligible EMI
Highest Safety Standards
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Increase Throughput and Accuracy with Advanced Algorithms
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Any Motion
Any Application

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