Perfectly Integrated Combined Servo Drives and Motors

In addition to the high standards of Elmo servo drives and servo motors, Elmo provides the perfected harmony between servo drive and motor, with the integrated servo motor and drive – The Gold Duet .

These range of models offer a variety of:

  • Servo motor flange sizes between 40 to 110 mm
  • Perfectly tuned
  • Integrated
  • Balanced with the appropriate servo drive to optimize the servo motor characteristics
  • Saves space and cabling in complex applications

The Gold Duet are a series of integrated digital servo drives and motors which are highly resilient and designed to deliver maximum power density and intelligence.

The Gold Duet delivers up to 1500W of continuous power and 4500W peak power in a compact high quality package.

The digital servo drives integrated in the Gold Duet are designed for use with any type of sinusoidal and trapezoidal commutation, with vector control. The Gold Duet can operate as a stand-alone device or as part of a multi-axis system in a distributed configuration on a real-time network. In a real-time network, the Gold Duet displays its real benefits, as configuring the network is practically as simple as plug and play with some fine-tuning required to adapt the network specifically to the requirements of the customer application.

Power to the drives is provided by an isolated Mains DC power source. The Gold Duet can operate with single power or dual power supplies.

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