Motion Control - ElmoMC

EASII - Elmo Application Studio II

The Tool that Walks-You-Through Your Motion Implementation

Elmo’s new generation EASII gets machines to peak performance in a shorter time, making drive setup simpler and putting powerful, intuitive software tools at your fingertips.

EASII includes a new quick-tuning wizard that streamlines machine prep and activates drive motion in a matter of minutes – even newcomers can use EASII advanced features to achieve fine-tuned motion precision, faster. Experienced users benefit from the widest range of precision control and diagnostics tools available today.

Our Microsoft® Windows®-based platform simplifies complex motion environments by integrating all of the activities under one environment:

  • Drive level configuration, setup and tuning
  • Servo performance analysis and optimization
  • Field bus network configuration, analysis and management
  • Multi-axis motion control organization and sequencing
  • Testing, monitoring, recording and troubleshooting
  • Advanced scripting
  • Integrated development environment

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Related Information:

    Drive Communication Method
  • Easy-to-use, Windows®-based (32- and 64-bit) multi-language operating system support
  • Customizable, System workspace-oriented interface formation
  • EtherCAT network configuration and diagnostic tools
  • Integrated IEC 61131-3 PLC programing based Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Drive level user programing development environment
  • Both simple and advanced auto tuning tools – fast, easy and efficient
  • Numerous sensor types calibration support
  • Flexible sensor setup in Dual Loop configurations
  • Advanced system identification and controller design methods
  • MIMO-based gantry and planar controllers automatic tuning
  • Single axis and multi-axis motion control testing tools
  • Advanced recording and analysis capabilities
  • Optimize servo performance using advanced filters
  • EtherCAT implementation capabilities:
    • CANOpen over EtherCAT (CoE) – Real time communication with EtherCAT
    • Ethernet over EtherCAT (EoE) – Axis remote control for update settings, monitoring and perform diagnostics
    • File over EtherCAT (FoE) – Downloading firmware and configuration files
  • Built-in Modbus TCP/IP tool
  • Advanced DS-402 multi-axis motion controller capabilities for CANopen and EtherCAT:
    • Homing
    • Cyclic Position
    • Cyclic Velocity
    • Cyclic Torque
    • Interpolated Position
    • Profile Position
    • Profile Velocity
    • Profile Torque
  • Write customized machine sequences simply, using the built-in Gold Maestro Script Manager






Drive User Programming

This tool provides an interface for creating, editing, compiling, downloading and debugging programs for the servo drives.

Elmo's vast experience has also enabled us to create and offer you a large library ready-to-use templates and code samples. These built-in capabilities dramatically reduce the development time required for programming applications.

For more information on Drive User Programming, access the EAS software manual via NetHelp.


GMAS Setup & Motion

Elmo's Gold Maestro (GMAS) is a state-of-the-art, multi-axis, distributed network motion controller. Its role is to supervise and synchronize the operation of the overall machine axes and I/Os. The GMAS is fast, precise, easy-to-use, and cost-effective, especially working in conjunction with Elmo's servo drives.

With EAS you can easily calibrate GMAS and its motion; coordinate servo calibration for multi-axis control; and control multiple targets in one window. Tuning tool features:

For more information on GMAS Setup & Motion, access the EAS software manual via NetHelp.

GMAS Programming and Testing Capabilities

The GMAS programming tool supports multiple programming languages for machine motion including FBD, IL, LD, ST and SFC. Users can create, edit, compile, download and debug IEC 61131 programs. The user programming environment provides at least 32K bytes of memory according to the version of the drive.

Testing Capabilities

Machine designers and manufacturers understand the value of testing before a system goes live. The costs of unforeseen failures are just one good reason why the EAS testing tools are essential.

Testing tools include:

  • Single point to access all the nodes in your network
  • Several activities and tools for testing your system in the drive level setup and motion and in the multi-axis level setup and motion
  • Single axis motion control testing tool including motion monitor, mode change and setup, single axis recorder, terminal and motion monitor
  • Multi-axis motion control testing that includes all the single-axis testing capabilities with additional UM (Unit Modes) dedicated profiler motion windows
  • System testing via GMAS by sending DS402 motion commands to the drives in your network
  • Multi-axis DS402 profiler, recorder, motion monitor, EOE Gateway terminal to axes and directly to the drive, etc.
  • GMAS Script Manager to test DS402 machine sequences