Elmo’s motion solutions are ideal for the ever-evolving world of Industrial robotics.

Beyond the physical advantage, Elmo provides all of the features needed for a safe and productive environment. It is for good reason that Elmo’s drivers have been chosen to drive the world’s most advanced robotics from the biggest names in the industry. Elmo’s drives and motion controllers are consistently proven to be the most reliable and safe drivers for industrial robotics.

Precise and Accurate Motion

Multi-axis synchronization with advanced servo control

Compact and Light

Extreme power density with minimal size and weight

Accurate Force Control

Continuous sensing ensures safety of surroundings

Easy to Implement

“Mount it anywhere” and the intuitive use of EASII shorten time to market.

Fan-Less Technology

99% Efficiency generates minimal heat thus reducing the need for cooling fans and heat sinks

Efficient Multi-Axis Synchronization

Precise Axis control made possible by advanced servo control.

Recommended Products

With unparalleled size to power ratio, Elmo’s drivers are the obvious choice for the Industrial Robotics industry where safety and performance are as important as programmability and adaptability.

Case Studies

Intelligent servo drives help lifting and conveying loads of varying weights

A leading manufacturer of AGV systems upgrades his latest model with Elmo’s advanced servo drives and solves a long-time operational problem.

High-Power-Density Drives Run Mobile Robots in Smart Warehouse

The success of an e-commerce giant’s fully automated sorting facility hinged on low-profile mobile robots powered by Elmo’s compact, high-performance servo drives.

Collaborative Robot

Elmo’s ultimate Motion Control solution is boosting the new design and answering the challenges of the first manufacturing floor Collaborative Robot Coworker developed by Siasun, a leading Chinese robotic company.

Smooth, Precise Motion for a Heavy-Load Transport System

WFT upgraded its industrial transporter with Elmo’s Gold Drum servo drives, and gained high current over extended periods